MiMFa Scraper

Automatic Data Extraction and Collecting

MiMFa Scraper is a Free software project sponsored by MiMFa Development Group, The idea covers issues such as Extraction, Collection, and Integration Data of all over the Webpages, FTPs, APIs, etc. This aims at offering a platform for quick production of customized software that could fulfill the needs and problems of the Data Extraction and Collection in a special knowledge-area or in a given organization. The project uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to Collect and Extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured Data, which implicates developing a platform for the Data-science and Data-warehousing related activities.

The group of MiMFa technology experts started its activity in 2009 with the design and implementation of educational software, and gradually, by completing the staff and carrying out numerous projects, its field of work, in most fields of software, including Desktop, Website, Mobile, and Graphics, it has expanded.
MiMFa Scraper contains everything you normally need to Extract, Collect, and Integrate small to large amounts of Data from different resources and different Data storage formats. New tools have been developed in the recent years that Data scientists and analysts can use to Extract, Collect, and Integrate Data. Developers in this area of knowledge face the challenge of developing and learning new programming languages, frameworks, modules, etc. This led us to develop a new flexible tool that can Integrate problems and requirements into a single and customizing program.

An integrated Software for Automatic Data Extraction and Collecting!